Self Driving cars?

Thoughts of a self-driving car*

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  • Front camera: “Alert on right: Pedestrian running into drive path”
  • Emergency Algorithm: “… potential collision within 3 seconds, activate emergency-car-stop…”
  • Passenger-safety-algorithm: “…passenger age retrieved form data-base is 75. High chance for passenger injury: deactivate emergency-car-stop and take a softer crash into road-safety-fence on the left.”
  • Damage-control-algorithm: “…potential car damage from hitting safety-fence calculated. Result is higher than acceptable threshold: deactivate soft-crash-into-safety-fence and take a soft crash into car parking on the right.”
  • Legal-assist-algorithm: “…parking car data retrieved from department of transportation, car owner with long history of lawsuits against corporations. Potential legal costs exceed threshold: deactivate soft-crash-into-parking-car and activate regular-car-breaks…”
  • Front camera: “Pedestrian is about to be hit within 1 seconds”
  • Social-algorithm: “…pedestrian face recognized. Social profile analyzed. Owner of highly active YouTube channel, Facebook profile and Instagram. Potential Social damage of hitting pedestrian higher than acceptable threshold.”
  • Legal-assist-algorithm: “…retrieving list of potential subcontractors to blame and sue for social damage.”

*A new alliance was established: a meeting point of technology, ethnics and profits.  (Hebrew) (Alliance Website)