Start-up FAQ

There are many definitions, but the one I find most accurate: "Entrepreneurship is the art and science of building new economic entities under extreme uncertainty".

The simple wrong answer is no. The longer more accurate one is: It really depends on the type of venture one is trying to build. Not every person can successfully build any venture.

A group of people building a new economical entity (usually a business) under conditions of extreme uncertainty (either technological or behavioral) and usually with limited resources.

If you are about to change the world, like Dollar Shave Club or Dropbox did – the answer is No. You’d be better off joining an investor driven accelerator (y-Combinators, 500 startups etc.). Join a corporate accelerator if you wish to be ‘discovered’ by corporate HR head hunters, or if your venture can gain market access (new customers!) via this corporate accelerator AND your product can’t be easily replicated (i.e. patent protection, etc.).

Any number between 2-4 is great. The “internet” states 2.7 as a magic number 😊