The recommended reading list for entrepreneurs and innovators: evidence based, validated quality information for the professional world changer.

For Entrepreneurs: 

book, Shefsky, entrepreneeurship

Entrepreneurs are made not born / Lloyd E. Shefsky
Not sure you are cut out to be an entrepreneur? Start by reading this inspiring book by Prof. Lloyd Shefsky. Gain a broad view of how to move from thought to venture; based on a variety of cases. Fluent, easy,  yet professional reading.
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Entrepreneurship, Aulet,

Disciplined entrepreneurship / Bill Aulet
The most updated and friendly walk-through-guide to launching a new venture.
Written by an MIT professor the book clearly describes the golden thread essential to establishing a new venture. Nevertheless, life will always be more complicated…
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Rework, Entrepreneurship, Management

Rework / Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

No matter what type of venture you are creating, this is the first entrepreneurial management book you should read. New Venture management is nothing like the corporate management you might have studied during your MBA. Keep it at arm’s reach and re-read…

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Startup, Steve Blank

The startup owner’s manual/ Steve Blank
The most profound ‘how to’ guide for the digital founder. Yet, if you are aiming at launching a classic business (a new friendly neighborhood Pizza shop) this might not be the best resource.
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Business Model, Strategy

Business model Generation / Alexander Osterwalder
A classic essential for a new venture designer. Nevertheless, attending a professional business model canvas workshop may be more efficient and accurate.
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The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, Entreprenurship

The lean startup / Eric Ries
A must read for most Tech. related entrepreneurs. Most of the insights are also included in Steve Blanks Startup Owner’s Manual. Viewing the 45 minute video might be enough for many of you.
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For Innovators:

Where good ideas come from / Steven Johnson

Feeling low on new ideas? Want to build an idea-fostering community? This well written book describes the role of ecosystems, diversity and collisions in generating good ideas. It is certainly not a “how to be creative” self-development book, it is rather a great tool for innovation leaders.

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The Innovators Dilemma / Clayton Christensen

A classic essential for all corporate innovators, demonstrating the mechanisms who make corporates loose (or make) innovative capacity. This is one of 3 related books (alongside ‘The innovators DNA’ and the ‘The innovators solution’) thoroughly investigating corporate innovation processes.

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Design thinking / Nigel Cross

One of the most spoken design and development mindsets, explained and distracted by a long list of case studies. Design thinking resonates with several other deliberate creation manifestations such as ‘Agile design’, ‘Spiral development’, ‘Lean development’ etc.

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